The Way Back to Auckland

Let’s see if I can actually get this trip report done! I’m actually going to combine the two travel days into one because I didn’t take that many pictures and I honestly can’t remember it that well. 

29th April 

So on this day we were catching the evening ferry from Picton to Wellington meaning that we had a whole day to kill. One of our stops was in Havelock where, as usual, the scenery was amazing. 

Another place was Momorangi Bay where Burto said that you can sometimes find Stingrays. Unfortunately there didn’t seem to be any today, but it was still a nice, peaceful place to stop.

We went for a little walk in the hills surrounding Picton.

Then we still had some time until our ferry, so had a wander around Picton itself and got some dinner at a pub. 

The crossing itself was a bit rougher than on the way over, but it didn’t feel too bad to me. A few of the others were really feeling the effect though. I passed the time by watching Fantastic Beasts on my tablet. This was also when Burto came around with our final bill for the trip which included groceries and any additional activities booked during it. 

We got into Wellington at about 9 o clock and some of the group went out on the town. I however stayed cosy in the YHA. 

30th April

The next day started reasonably early as we had a looooong drive ahead of us. I don’t remember much of this day, except that we stopped every 2-3 hours for toilet/leg stretching breaks. 

I do remember stopping somewhere nice for lunch (as always) and that we had a quick break here:

There was also somewhere with a playground made up of loads of vegetables where we all posed with a giant carrot. 

I think it took us 10 hours to get back to Auckland. Once we had checked back in at the good old YHA we all met back up again and went to Ponsonby food court for dinner. I definitely recommend this place if you want a reasonably priced, tasty meal. 

There were some sad goodbyes after that as Burto was going home and Ashleigh was staying at Haka Lodge. The next day I would be flying to California to have 3 days in Disneyland before going home. 

Last thoughts: if anyone is thinking about going to New Zealand, my advice to you is: just go! And use Haka Tours. They’re perfect for solo travellers, first timers and just anyone who would like someone else to organise their trip for them. It takes away any worries about accommodation, public transport and how to get the best value excursions. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this trip as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about it. Until next time! 


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