Punakaiki to Abel Tasman

Sadly we had to leave our little slice of paradise, but we were going to the Abel Tasman, another beautiful part of New Zealand.

On the way we stopped at Cape Foulwind and had another little hike. 

On the way we passed one of those great signposts that tell you how far you are from everywhere else.

But our main reason for visiting Foulwind was the Fur Seal colony. There were so many pups flumping about! 

Sadly I cannot remember if/where else we stopped after and I don’t have any pictures to help either. I do know we stopped at a supermarket. 

For the next two nights we were staying at The Barn campground in Marahau, which is right outside the Abel Tasman national park. They offer inside accommodation as well as camping. 

That night we made chicken risotto with our roast leftovers from the day before and it was yummy. Burto warned us that it was supposed to be raining the next day (which was great considering we were all going on a 12k hike through the national park!) but we had been so lucky with the South Island weather that we didn’t mind too much.


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