We had a nice late breakfast of French toast with banana and bacon before going to see the main attractions of Punakaiki:

You can only really see the blowholes at high tide and they were pretty cool. 

Then five of us went on a hike and the others were kayaking and relaxing. We ended up adding a bit extra onto our walk, because we missed a turning and ended up going for a while in the wrong direction. We only realised when we got to a bit of a chasm, the deep muddy puddles should have been an indication too. Still the scenery was nice.

We were lucky enough to see this little guy! Wide awake and staring at us too.

When we got towards the end of the trail we met Burto coming to find us. He was quite perturbed as to how we got lost! Back at the house we had shepherds pie cooked by Burto and it was just what we needed. The rest of the day was spent chilling out and then seeing a better sunset.

Dinner was a massive roast, followed by an earlyish night as we were driving to Abel Tasman the next day.


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