Franz Josef to Punakaiki

Sorry for the lack of posts guys, we were in an area of poor wifi and service. 

Our first stop on the way to Punakaiki was Lake Mapourika which is absolutely beautiful. 

Then we were on to Hokitita, where we went to Mountain Jade – a factory and shop. This was also our lunch stop and as it was Armistice Day we got to see the parade. 

Unfortunately our next stop was to drop off a large portion of our group at the train station. They would be getting the alpine express back to Christchurch. 

Whilst in the area we also did a big shop as Punakaiki doesn’t really have anything nearby. Then it was the last leg of our drive. We were staying at the Te Nikau Retreat in our own house, deep in the rainforest.

Two people had their own rooms and the rest of us were up on the top floor. It was lovely to have our own space and kitchen and the beach was only a few minutes walk away. We tried to catch the sunset, but it was a bit too overcast to see anything.

Still impressive though. The waves were massive! That night we had a big spag bol and played a game together. 


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