Wanaka to Franz Josef

Sunday had a leisurely start as most of us were going cycling at 10. Burto had made the ride sound like an easy trip around the lake, however it soon became apparent that it was going to be very tough. On account of the fact that I haven’t been on a bike for years I decided to turn back with Burto’s mum who has a bad knee and go for a more gentle ride. So we went back down to the waterfront, had a coffee and then took the easy, but scenic route around the lake. 

When we got back to the hire place Burto was already back and the rest were coming in. We ate some lunch and then hit the road. It’s about a 5 hour drive to Franz Josef and we would be having a few stops along the way. 

This stop was a place called The Neck. Beautiful blue water and sky. We drove through Mount Aspiring National Park and had a brief stop here too. 

The foliage was turning to rainforest as we got closer to the west coast. We drove over a bridge with this gorgeous reflection that I managed to catch out of the bus window. 

Our next stop was a beach, but the sand flies were terrible because it’s mild so we didn’t stay long. The sun was starting to set, giving the road a very Jurassic Park style look.

We stopped at Bruce Bay for the sunset. This is where you can sometimes find Pounami (greenstone) and Aotea (bluestone) but we weren’t lucky enough. It was beautiful though.

There were some cool stones too.

After that it was an hour long drive to Franz Josef where we’re staying in another YHA. It was already late when we got there so a group of us went out for dinner almost straight away. Monday is a full day in Franz Josef and the last night for the people on the 17 and 7 day tours. 


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