Friday in Queenstown

I had a lazy start to Friday as I had no activities booked, so myself and two other girls on the tour had a lie in followed by a late breakfast. We ate in Cafe Vudu which seems to specialise in vegan, vegetarian and gluten free food. The two of them had overnight oats and I had some yummy sourdough toast. 

After this we did the lakefront walk which was beautiful, especially with the amazing weather we’ve been having. 
It starts off right on the waterfront where we saw all the cool activities going on, including trips in a shark shaped boat which was doing all kinds of tricks. People had attached their padlocks to the pier too. 

We continued into a woodland area that was just as picturesque. Lots of other people were doing the same walk as us and everyone was taking lots of pictures. 

When we looped back towards the city centre the path took us through the gardens before leaving us back near our hostel. 

Next we had a walk around the main streets which are full of cool shops and restaurants. The girls had to go to their horse riding activity so I carried on exploring before meeting up with a couple of the others at our hostel. We tried to play frisbee golf, but lost one frisbee in the bamboo at the first hole. 

We quickly decided that ice cream was a better idea and luckily there is a shop right next to the hostel. I had strawberries and cream and banana split flavour. 

In the evening I did some laundry and then we ate Devil Burgers while watching Hot Fuzz in the TV lounge. We decided that Fergburger had too long a queue and although I’m sure it is very good, our Devil Burgers were delicious and only had a 20 minute wait. 

We went to bed earlyish because we all had early pick ups on Saturday morning – Emily to go canyoning and me, Katerina and Sophie for our Lord of the Rings tour. 


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