Tekapo to Queenstown

Thursday was another early start as myself and another girl on the tour were booked to bungy at 1:50! Our first stop was at Lake Pukaki – it was wonderful because it was so quiet and deserted apart from us.

We also skipped rocks, which Burto was very good at. A salmon farm was the next stop, where we got to feed them for free and some people bought salmon based snacks. We had to drive through the Lindis Pass which was one of those places where every time you turn a corner it gets more beautiful. 

The nerves had fully set in by the time we got to our lunch stop at Omarama, so I had a small pasta salad. There was another small stop at a fruit shop, but apparently I had a nest of snakes living inside me so I couldn’t face getting any. We got stuck behind traffic on the road to Queenstown so there wasn’t time to go wine tasting like Burto planned, so we went straight to the bungy site. Of course Burto had to play ‘Jump’ on the stereo. 

When we got to the Kawarau Bridge, we watched a video about the history of AJ Hackett and how he set up bungy jumping. Then it was time for us to check in. They weigh you three times, and write it on your hand. You also get the number used to look up your photos and videos. 

We had to wait for an hour and a half on the bridge until it was our turn to jump. The rest of the group stayed to watch and cheer us on. There was an 11 year old girl who stood up there for ages before backing down – I still thought she was really brave. I would have never got up there at her age. Ashley went first and then it was my turn. 

The bungy guy tied my feet together and then helped me out onto the platform. I had to smile and wave at the camera, though I’m sure it was more of a grimace! 

I was so scared at that point that I wasn’t sure I was going to make it off the platform, so instead of the massive leap I had planned, I sort of fell off instead. 

Oh. My. God. The free fall was the most ridiculous, amazing feeling ever. And then when the cord caught me I was flung back into an upright position. After you finish you hang upside down and two people row out to get you in a boat. 

Then after all that you have to climb stairs to get back up! 

They have computers so you can see your video and pictures. I bought all mine because I’ll probably never do this again, they’re on a memory stick so I can’t put them on here until I get home. 

After that we drove into Queenstown. We’re at the Absolut Backpackers and they’re amazing. Nice beds, ensuite bathroom, fridge and tv in the room. I just got takeaway Chinese and ate it in bed for dinner. It’s absolutely gorgeous here. Friday is a full day in Queenstown, I don’t have any booked activities so I plan to explore. 


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