Nelson to Christchurch

Tuesday was a long driving day, but a very beautiful one. We started off at 8:30am and pretty soon the scenery became rugged and dramatic. 

Our first stop was Lake Roiti and it was stunning. The sky and the water were just perfect colours.

This is Murray, our bus.

Of course we had to do group pictures as well. This is my lovely Haka family!

Our next stop was at  Falls where we were lucky enough to see a rainbow too! 

Then we had some more driving through beautiful scenery and saw some fault lines (first two pictures).

After this was a stop at a lake which was full of tannins meaning we got a perfect reflection.

We had lunch in Murchison which for me was pancakes and bacon. Yummy! 

The rest of the drive was just a beautiful.

At around 5:30pm we arrived at Haka Lodge Christchurch where Burto’s mum, who is joining the tour, made us dinner. We then watched Lord of The Rings before going to bed.


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