The first activity for three of us on Sunday morning was the Weta Studio tour.

 Weta is the company which makes props for films like The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Avatar and District 9 to name a few. They are named Weta after the insect which was indigenous to New Zealand and was thought to have been up to 20 inches long. In Maori Weta translates to ‘god amongst ugly creatures’. 

We started off in the Weta Cave shop  which is where you can buy all of the merchandise you could ever want. There are also life size models, weapons and memorabilia.

Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures in the tour itself as the props still belong to the production companies not the studio itself. It was really interesting though; we got to see the different stages of the creation of a District 9 gun, see Sauron’s walk around armour and hold Mithriel as well as the other lighter armour that was made to look like chain mail. We also saw the version of Caspian’s castle used for exterior shots, which is apparently made out of pringles tubes and pizza boxes. 

After the tour we went back to the hostel to pick up the rest of the group and then went up Mount Victoria to see some views of the city.

After this we took the cable car p to the botanic gardens and walked through them back to the city. I think we managed to miss a lot of them because we only found the rose garden. 

It was at this point that it started to rain so we trekked to the Te Papa museum. I forgot to take any pictures here but it’s a really cool museum. It has 6 floors dedicated to New Zealand wildlife, history, culture and weather. 

After the museum we went back to the hostel to chill out for a couple of hours before dinner. 8 of us went to a restaurant called Monsoon Poon which is a bit expensive but does really nice Asian food. We also said goodbye to our 4 7 dayers who wer flying out the next day. After this it was an early night as we had to be on the bus by 7:45 to catch the ferry to the South Island. 


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