The Long Road to Wellington

We were out of the hostel and on our way by 8am this morning as we had a long travel day ahead. Our first stop was to see Huka Falls which was only 15 minutes away. 
Isn’t it a beautiful colour? 

Apparently this is because of the pumice stones in the Waikato river. Around 220,000 litre of water goes through the gorge and over the top every second. It was quite a sight to see. 

Next we headed back the way we came because everyone wanted to see Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland, which is a volcanic park with lots of cool geothermal activity going on. 

Then we went to see Lady Knox geyser, called so because it was found in the grounds of a prison. A couple of prisoners set her off by accident by putting soap in her. They set it off every day at 10:15. All my pictures are on the main camera but it was pretty cool. 

​​After this we were properly on our way. We stopped in a town called Taihape for lunch which is apparently the place where gunboat throwing started. Obviously we had to have a competition ourselves. 

The rest of the town is a bit dead, almost everything was closed and a bit sad looking. After this we drove through Bull where every building has a pun on the word, for example, the police station is ‘consta-bull’. We also drove the desert road. 

We’re staying at the YHA again, which is good because they have nice big rooms. For dinner we went to the Wellington night market where I had paella and deep fried bananas. It was really yummy. 

Sunday a few of us are going to Weta Studios and then the rest of the day is free. There are lots of museums and quirky shops here so there should be plenty to do. 


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