There were no solid plans for today as most of us had been booked into the Tongariro Crossing, which had been cancelled. None of us really knew what had been happening with the cyclone overnight, but we were all surprised to wake up and see bright sunshine and blue skies. Over breakfast burritos Burto explained that the storm had ended up swerving around us and that the weather should return to normal. He also managed to get 10 of us booked on a sailing trip in the afternoon. 

Before that we took advantage of the weather and had a wander around the town. It’s a lovely little place, but most things were closed because it’s Good Friday. We came back for a lunch of leftovers and then headed down to the lake. Our driver was called Dave and the boat is The Fearless. It was very comfy with beanbags set up for us. As we set off, Dave explained that Lake Taupo is actually the crater of a volcano that erupted for the last time 2000 years ago. 

It was so beautiful out there and our driver managed to avoid the rain closing in behind us so it was sunny skies the whole way.

Part of the draw of the trip was that we got to see some Maori carvings on the rocks. They were so huge! Not to mention amazingly detailed. 

The sea monster believed to live in the lake.
The carver’s image of a mermaid.
The lizard protecting the carvings.

Apparently the master carvers weren’t too keen on boats bringing people to see them until recently because they weren’t getting money from it. He used to steal things from people to get the money for his materials. 

On the way back we were lucky with the weather again as a rainstorm closed in behind us. Then as we rounded the corner to face Taupo, we saw this. 

A perfect way to finish off the trip. You get a free soft drink, beer or wine as part of the trip. It did start raining as we left the boat but that didn’t last for too long. 

Tonight Burto is cooking us fajitas and we are chilling out in the tv lounge for the evening. Tomorrow we are heading to Wellington, where we will say goodbye to the 7 dayers and pick up those coming on the South Island tour. 


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