Finishing up in the Coromandel

This morning we were split into two groups to do bone carving- an 8:30 and 10 o clock group. I was in the former, so we all set off to Bay Carving which is a worskshop owned by a German man named Roland. I will just say that we did not make these pendants completely from scratch, he does offer than as an option but obviously it takes several hours and we wouldn’t have had time. So Roland started us off by asking us to choose from 3 carvings: 

I chose the fish hook because I felt that the meaning attached to it was most like me. This is a step by step of bone carving from the very beginning and I would say we started from step 7. 

So we had the basic shape already done and had to refine it. This was done by using a power tool which refined all of the edges, dry sanding which removed marks made by previous tools, wet sanding which prepared it for polishing and then polishing itself.

Roland explained that he starts with a cow shin bone because the shape at the end is almost triangular meaning that the lines will be straighter. He then cleans it and cuts it into a small rectangle before cutting it into shape. Here is my finished piece: 

Despite the fact that we didn’t get to start from the very beginning I still enjoyed this activity a lot. If I came again without a group I would definitely take the whole class. 

Whilst the later group were working on their carvings the rest of us had a little wander around the town of Whitianga. It’s a cute little seaside town with lots of little shops and galleries. Not to mention a Cafe Nina! 

At 11:30 the others were done and we headed to Hot Water Beach, so named because in a certain part of it there is magma flowing close to the surface of the earth and if you dig down, hot water will flow up and you have yourself a natural jacuzzi! Now because we had Burto with us we managed to dig in the right place and soon had a lovely little pool. 

However further along the water was so hot that it came with warning signs! People still made pools there of course, though I have no idea how they could stand it. 

After a little wallow I went and got some Kumara chips from the cafe on the beach. They were delicious! And came with a view:

At around 3 we hit the road again because it was a 4 hour drive to Waitomo where we’re staying tonight. It was a good drive down and we ate at Curly’s – the only restaurant nearby. The food was good but a little pricey. Tomorrow is Black Water Rafting and we may also be going to Hobbiton in the afternoon instead of on Thursday because of bad weather headed this way. We’ll just have to see what happens. Until next time! 


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