Paihia to Auckland

Yesterday we were up and out at 8:45 to go to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. This is the place where the British and Maori tribe leaders signed the agreement that would allow them to coexist. All of my pictures from this morning are on my main camera, not my phone, so I’ll insert them when I get home.

Our morning began with the museum which was full of artefacts like weapons and jewellery as well as copies of the treaty itself. I think my favourite part was a video reenactment of the signing. 

Next was a guided tour from a Maori man who took us to see the biggest warship in New Zealand. They celebrate every year on the 6th February and this year they launched it into the water! 

After the tour we were taken to the Te Whare Runanga (the house of assembly) where we were treated to a traditional Maori welcome and and demonstration of their songs, fighting stances and games they used to help their flexibility and co ordination. All of the performers were very entertaining and fantastic at what they did. It was my favourite part of the morning. 

After this we went to Whangarei for lunch which a few of us got from the PAC n Save supermarket. We also went on a short walk to see Whangarei Falls which we all agreed was much more impressive than the Haruru one. 

Then it was time for the 2 hour drive back to Auckland and Haka Lodge. A group of us went out for some Thai food and thus ended the Bay of Islands section of our tour. The next day we would meet the tour guide for the rest of our trip and the people joining us for 7 or 16 days. 


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