This morning we met Burto our new tour guide and the people who are on the 7 and 16 day trips that overlap with ours. Burto brought a bit of bad news with him: apparently there are 3 storms headed for New Zealand, meaning that the weather will probably be too bad for the Tongariro Crossing. Burto said that he’s working out back up plans for us though. He also informed us that we would be unable to reach Cathedral Cove because the flooding had washed away part of the path down there. 

We headed through the winding hills of the Coromandel Peninsula, which are sub tropical rainforest because they’re on volcanic soil. 

We stopped in Tairua for lunch at a bakery and then went on to Ha Hei beach to drop of half of the group who were kayaking. The rest of us drove up to the path leading to Cathedral Cove and hiked to a lookout. 

After that we followed the track some more until we found the lookout over Cathedral Cove.

After that we drove to Shakespeare’s Reserve and found another lookout. 

We still had time before the kayakers needed picking up so went down to Lonely Beach and had a wander. 

Then it was time to pick up the rest of the group, who looked cold and wet but had enjoyed the experience. Dinner was pizza at a winery which looks like a man cave. It was very good though. 

Now we’re watching 50 First Dates in the hostel common room. Tomorrow we are carving bone pendants and then going to Hot Water beach to dig our own hot pools before going on to Waitomo.


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