Paihia Part 2

Today jet lag woke me up before the sun was out, which was not that great for me, but it did mean I saw the sunrise. And yes, it was very worth it.

This view that you’re seeing is from the window of the Haka Lodge Paihia. It is the only backpacker hostel that is right on the water. If you’re ever in that area run do not walk to Haka Lodge and book yourself in. The beds have privacy curtains, plug points and their own little lights. The kitchen and common areas are amazing.
It had clouded over a bit later on.

Mid morning myself and another girl who is also on the tour hiked to Haruru Falls. From Haka we had to walk along the beach, where we saw the Waka Ama regatta going on. We then walked along the road for a bit until we finally reached the beginning of the trail. This took about 25 minutes. The trail itself is 5k each way and it is suggested that it will take about an hour and a half each way. Most of it takes place through a forest, but there are some uncovered areas as well as a Mangrove section. It was crazy to see how deeply these trees were buried in the mud – we could only see the very top of most of them. It only took us an hour to get to the Waterfall in the end and although it wasn’t quite what we were expecting, it was still impressive.

The way back was quicker because we were both hungry, but as soon as we left the shelter of the trail it hammered it down with rain. The worst of it was when we were going across the beach and we’re completely out in the open. Still, pretty soon we were back at the lodge and dried off for a chilled out evening. Tomorrow we are headed back to Auckland to meet up with the guide who will be taking over for the rest of our tour and more people who are doing the 16 day tour. On the way we will be visiting the Waitangi Treaty Grounds where there is a museum,  guided tour and show.

More on that tomorrow though. Goodnight!


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