Greetings from Paihia

Well I made it folks. I am in New Zealand – Paihia to be exact. I arrived in the country yesterday morning after an 11 hour flight from Heathrow- LAX, followed by a 13 hour flight from LAX – Auckland. There’s not much to report from yesterday because I was knackered. I just hung around the hostel until I could check in and then slept basically.

Today was more interesting. We drove to a small town called Dargaville where we ate lunch in a cafe called ‘Bla, bla, bla’ and then went on to the Waipoua Forest to see Tane Mahuta the Lord of the Forest and the  oldest and largest known Kauri tree. Unfortunately the path to it was being rebuilt so we couldn’t.  Instead we went and saw the Four Sisters, also very big and impressive Kauri trees. What is also pretty amazing about them is that they are all believed to have grown from the seeds of the same tree and coexisted for 500 years. This is remarkable because apparently Kauri normally grow alone. 

Paihia looks beautiful so far; my plan is to try and catch the sunrise tomorrow morning, but we’ll see if that happens. Tonight we ate fish and chips together in the Haka Lodge kitchen area. They were scrummy! 

It has rained on and off all day today so we’ve all got our fingers crossed for more settled weather tomorrow. It’s going to be a free day in Paihia, so some of the group have pre booked activities,  but myself and a couple of the other girls are going to hike to a nearby waterfall, which could take 3 hours there and back. Otherwise there are mountain bikes and kayaks to rent as well as some tasty looking ice cream places. 



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