Counting My Blessings

Hello readers! Todays blog post is going to be a bit different than my usual, but don’t worry – normal service will be resumed next week. Recently (and this is one of my pet peeves) I’ve noticed lots of Facebook posts are just complaints: “my life sucks” “nobody likes me” etc. and while I understand that some people do have it bad and need an outlet to vent to, I can’t help but think that they should try counting their blessings. Even though it was scoffed at, I did really like that 100 Happy Days thing that went on a while back; I enjoyed seeing my feed filled up with happy comments. So for this reason and the fact that I am feeling particularly happy with my life at the moment, I am going to count my blessings.

1. I am not in a relationship

I know there will be some double takes and disbelief at this (because like, how can anyone be happy if they don’t have a boyfriend?? Right?) but I am truly, profoundly content to be single. I wasn’t always like this; in the latter part of my secondary school life and my sixth form years I was consumed with the wish to be romantically partnered. Looking back I cringe at how pathetically desperate I was to have a boyfriend. But then I emerged into the real world, started living my life and realised how wonderful it was to be an independent woman. I enjoy the freedom of being able to book a solo trip, or even one with friends on a whim, I like the feeling that, if I wanted to, I could apply for a job in a far flung location and not have to worry about leaving a partner behind, or having them have to give anything up to come with me. The short version is that I do not have that gaping hole ins, that deep seated need that some people have when they are not involved with anyone.

2. My Family

This seems like an obvious one, but one of my blessings is my family. They’re pretty cool. My parents let me live at home rent free so that I can use my money to do things: travel, see shows, go out with friends etc. They’re also my biggest cheerleaders and are always encouraging me to go for the things that I want. They also don’t complain (much) about the fact that my stuff is constantly screwed about the house and that dust wise, my room could give The Addams Family a run for their money. I count  my brother as one of my friends. He is always willing to see a film with me, be company when I want to walk somewhere and although he can be an obnoxious pain in the bum I wouldn’t have it any other way. My chickens are a daily source of amusement and have lived up to their Chicken Run namesakes very well. This is one of Ginger’s more recent escapades:

Help mummy! We can't get down!
Help mummy! I can’t get down!

3. My Friends

I have great friends. Friends to hang out with between lectures and seminars, friends to go to comic con with, friends who I obsess over Disney with and friends who are all of that and more. Basically you guys rock and I wouldn’t who I am without you. Lets get together, eat crap and watch movies ok?

4. I can exercise and enjoy it

I know what you’re thinking: Yeah right! And up to a couple of years ago I would have been among your ranks. Then I started to run and do zumba. Then I gave up running. Then I started running again through the couch25k program and I got on really well with it and now I’m back with the running club I originally started with and I’ve never felt fitter. I am still doing zumba, which is lots of fun as well as a great workout (I’m still aching from last nights session!). I hope to run the Peterborough Half and then a Disneyworld half marathon.

5. My Job

I work in catering at a zoo, which pretty much makes it 10X cooler than any other catering job location (except possibly in Disney, because come on) plus I recently got promoted to Team Leader so get more responsibility. My bosses are very good at making you feel like one of the team and my other team members are also very good at their jobs which makes everyone life easier and also makes for a happier team overall.

So there you have it! I counted my blessings! My challenge to you is to do the same! See you next time for my latest musical reviews!


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