Into the Woods


Evening all!

I hope you all had a good week!

I just got back from seeing Into the Woods with my brother and wow was it good! I found it extremely immersive – the visuals reminded me of the 2012 Alice in Wonderland and the music of Les Mis. Without giving away anything, there were lots of plot twists – both humorous and not and both Princes were very different than expected. Chris Pine’s Charming was exactly as his name implies and his duet with Billy Magnussen  (Rapunzel’s Prince) was hilarious. Anna Kendrick played a very good Cinderella, her voice is just perfect, although like the Prince, her character is less traditional than you would expect. Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp were brilliant as always – Depp’s wolf was suave and creepy at the same time and Streep’s witch was just crazy! I have to admit I was surprised by Emily Blunt and James Corden; I had no idea they could sing! They play the baker and his wife and do a really good job.

All in all this is a great film – the music is very catchy and it is not your typical Disney fairy-tale. Definitely worth a watch in my opinion.

Til next time!


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