Love from London

Hi guys!

First of all a very (belated) merry Christmas and a happy new year! I hope you all overindulged on yummy food and saw in the new year with people you love, or you know, at least don’t hate. I spent a quiet Christmas day with my family, ate too much chocolate and managed a quick walk round the sales on Boxing day. New Years Eve was spent with my very good friends; we had dinner at Pizza Express then went back to their house for drinks and films.

On the 2nd January I travelled up to London to meet my best friend from all the way back in primary school (we’ll call him N). We hadn’t seen each other in a couple of years so it was quite exciting. My train ride entertainment was ‘Armageddon Outta Here’ by Derek Landy – part of the Skulduggery Pleasant series.

Reading Skulduggery Pleasant on the train
Reading Skulduggery Pleasant on the train

The plan was to meet in Covent Garden, find somewhere for lunch and then take it from there, however extraordinarily, I managed to make it there an hour early. Almost unheard of for me! So I had time to wander around and take in the gorgeous Christmas decorations

Some of the lights strung across the street.
Some of the lights strung across the street.
The Christmas tree
The Christmas tree


Hanging baubles inside the Apple Market
My favourites


And of course I had to visit the Disney store!

The Disney Store window

I especially love the candy canes! The street performers were also out in force.


As I was meandering back towards the station the Cambridge Satchel Company shop caught my eye; they were having a 40% off sale. I went in only meaning to look, but this beauty caught my eye. The picture isn’t that great because of the lighting in my room, but its a lovely purple colour. It was £78 reduced from £130 so I spent my Christmas money on it. Its going to be a great alternative to my handbag.

I love that they put it in a drawstring bag and paper bag


Shortly after this I found N and we decided on Bella Italia where we both had the meatballs. It was a delicious yet cheap meal – I’d definitely recommend it as an alternative to one of those fancy pre show restaurants. After eating we walked to Trafalgar Square, which was not as pigeon infested as I’d been led to believe. I pictured a scene from ‘The Birds’ and instead there were only two or three flapping around.

Nelson’s Column
The National Gallery
The National Gallery


Loved this fountain
Loved this fountain
Not quite sure what the significance of this is, but as a chicken lover I approve.
Not quite sure what the significance of this is, but as a chicken lover I approve.
This Christmas tree is an annual gift from Norway as thanks for World War 2.
This Christmas tree is an annual gift from Norway as thanks for the help in World War 2.
Close up of the lights
Close up of the lights

We were quite cold so decided to have a look around the National Gallery as it is free to enter and a place that I have never been to before. It was really interesting but a bit packed and I suspect that we didn’t walk around the galleries in order. As I said it was quite a quick walk around and we were soon wandering over the bridge towards the London Eye.



It looked very cool in the sunset and the huge queue is testament to what a popular time of day it is to ride it. Winter Wonderland was still going on and the scents of churros and donuts were very tempting but I was still a bit full. I wish I’d had one now. After this I’m not sure exactly where we walked, but we ended up in Vauxhall. I remember walking alongside the river and seeing the houses of Parliament  on the other side but my sense of direction is pretty appalling. Even though we were a bit lost there was no panic, we just decided to carry on walking until we found a tube station. Pretty soon we came upon one and jumped on the Victoria Line to Oxford Circus where we hunkered down in a Starbucks with hot chocolate (N) and a peppermint mocha (me). There we stayed until it was time to go. It was sad to say goodbye but I’m sure we’ll meet up again soon enough. As luck would have it, a train going to my home town was waiting on the platform when I got to Liverpool Street so I was able to hop right on.

And that’s the end of my first blog post of 2015! I’m hoping to blog much more this year and will have lots more to talk about as this is the year I graduate, I’m applying to be a Cultural Representative at Disney World, I’m going on a Trek America trip in May and will be returning to LFCC in July!

Until next time.


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