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Once again I haver been a very absent blogger! My only excuse is that this summer has been very busy so far, both with work and play, but I am going to do a few posts today (gasp!) on some of the things that I’ve been up to. This one is all about the trip to Cardiff that my family and a couple of my brother’s friends made to celebrate his birthday.

Travel Day
Our trip started on the evening of Friday 3rd July when all six of us took the (what turned out to be) cover to six hour journey from our home town to Wales. There’s not much to say about the journey itself, we stopped at the South Mims services for food and to try and avoid some bad traffic and got into worse traffic on the M4 due to a car being on fire. I spent the extended car time listening to music and watching Soul Surfer on my tablet. We arrived at our travel lodge at around 11pm and hit the sack straight away.

Day 1: Doctor Who Experience
We got up bright and early and got ready for our day. I was cosplaying Nightmare in Silver Clara, Callum (my brother) was the 11th Doctor, his friend Chris was 10 and Sam was a fan. I’ll only include a few photos as I took tons. We parked in a pay and display car park that was only a short walk from the Cardiff area and soon came upon this:

Doctor Who Experience Building
Doctor Who Experience Building

We had tickets booked for all of us to do the experience, but only myself, Callum, Sam and Chris were booked on the walking tour. My parents were going to walk into the city centre while we were doing that. For those who don’t know what the Doctor Who experience entails, it begins with an interactive walk through experience which is pretty cool and then you are lead into a Doctor Who exhibit which includes props, costumes and a green screen photo opportunity. Photos aren’t allowed in the walk though (spoilers!) but you can take all you like in the exhibition. So here are a few of mine!

tradis shot
From L-R: Sam, Me, Callum and Chris in front of the Tardis.


Matt Smith's Costume
Matt Smith’s Costume
The Doctor's/River Song's Crib.
The Doctor’s/River Song’s Crib.


An Ood, The Absobaloff and a Smiler.
An Ood, The Absobaloff and a Smiler.


Webley's World of Wonder.
Webley’s World of Wonder.


After you’ve walked through and taken photos to your hearts content you are, of course, deposited into a gift shop. In here are all things Whovian: clothing, toys, stationary, DVDs, CDs and much more. I bought the commemorative t shirt from the 11th Doctor’s finale episode and a blind box Doctor figure (spoiler alert: it turned out to be David Tennant). By some cruel trick of fate, Callum ended up buying the same shirt, so now we are very careful not to wear them on the same day. Next on our Doctor Who to do list was lunch followed by the walking tour. It was a gorgeous day so we ended up buying hot dogs and eating at picnic benches overlooking the BBC Wales studios.

BBC Wales
BBC Wales


The Bay
The Bay




After we had eaten, the boys and I headed back to the experience and met up with our tour, whilst my parents set off for the city centre, but more on their adventure later. Again, it’ll just be a brief summary with pictures as I took quite a few. It was a good tour, but some of the places weren’t very obviously a location until the guide mentioned the episode. And even then we had to really wrack our brains to remember. Some more recognisable places were:


The staircase from the episode 'The Runaway Bride'.
The staircase from the episode ‘The Runaway Bride’.


And Torchwood Tower:

Touchwood Tower
Torchwood Tower.

Also included on the tour was (massive spoiler alert depending how much Torchwood you have watched)

The shrine built by fans, for fans, for Ianto Jones. Apparently this went up after his death and was pulled down by the council, then put back up again multiple times before it was explained what it was for and the significance of where it was (a secret entrance to Torchwood).


I don’t really have any more pictures for the rest of the weekend, but after this we met up with my parents who had discovered that it is quite a long walk into the city centre, but wanted us to see it so had come back to drive us in. The boys found a Forbidden Planet and a Lego Store so were happy and I found a Disney Store and was happy. After that we returned to the Travel Lodge and ate at the adjoining Toby Carvery (which was delicious and had huge portions). On. Day 2 we went to Llandaff where part of the fictional village of Leadworth is located and the boys took photos on the green while we walked around the churchyard. After that we had an uneventful journey home. It was a great weekend and I would definitely visit Cardiff again.

Stay tuned for my weekend at London Film and Comic Con!




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