Catching up with everything

Hello, I know I’ve been a very absent blogger, but university started up again and we’ve pretty much hit the ground running! The ice skating lessons have been going very well; the 6 week course ended but most, if not all, of the class re registered for a continuation of which we started last week. I am apparently up to level 2, progress wise which is great and so we’re now working on level 3 and 4 stuff. I can now skate backwards, do forwards and backwards lemons, do a forward one foot glide (just about) and can almost turn around whilst skating forwards and then continue skating backwards. Almost. Stopping still eludes me.

How is the cooking going you may ask? Well, its not. I still cook jacket potatoes, sausages/salmon and beans every Wednesday because everyone else finishes work/college late, but the rest of it has sort of ground to a halt. I have become a whizz at cooking spaghetti carbonara, the recipe for which you can find here: It is delicious, but quite rich and can also be made with pepperoni instead of bacon, as I found out when rifling in the fridge for a substitute. Just fry the pepperoni at the same time you usually would the bacon.

Hmm, what else? Ah yes the Frozen cosplay. Well, the dress has arrived! It is beautiful and I love it. The wig has been dispatched and should be here soon, but I’ll post a photo of the dress as I have posted it on Facebook, so it is no secret now:

Elsa Cosplay Dress
Elsa Cosplay Dress

On a similar note, I have decided that the next item on the list is going to be to learn how to make my own costumes! This will start after the 13th May (assessment deadline) as that will be the start of the summer holidays for me and I’ll need something to do while jobhunting as everyone else breaks up later. Well that’s it for now and I’ll see you next time!


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