Skating Lesson Number 3 and Number 3 on the List

Hello all, here is my (once again) slightly late blog post on my latest skating lesson and number 3 on the list. The lesson went really well; our instructor reviewed our progress and decided that we can now work on Grade 4 stuff which is good. The review included pretty much everything we learned so far which is: forwards skating, crouching whilst skating and keeping up momentum, backwards skating, forwards and backwards lemons, forwards one foot glides and doing a one foot glide while skating in a circle, oh and stopping which we’re still struggling with. The new stuff we’ve started on is a backwards two and one foot glide! Its difficult because you feel like you want to look over your shoulder which makes it hard to keep your balance (for me at least!). Also, my new skates came in time and they work great! Here they are:

New Ice Skates
New Ice Skates

Number 3: Cosplay at the London Film and Comic Convention

Number three of my list was decided a while back, but I only decided it should be on the list very recently. Myself and two friends are planning on attending the London Film and Comic Convention in July and we will be cosplaying (dressing up as a character for those who don’t know) as Disney characters on one of the days and Kick Ass characters on the other. On our Disney day I will be cosplaying as Elsa from Frozen and on our Kick Ass day I will be Hit Girl. Here are their outfits:

Hit Girl
Hit Girl

I am very excited, because although I have been to MCM Expo before, I only went on the Saturday. I have already ordered my Elsa costume and wig and they will be coming in due course. I will post about it when they arrive, of course and may even model the costume, though I haven’t decided whether or not to keep it under wraps until LFCC.

That’s all for now!


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