My First Ice Skating Lesson and Number 2 On the List.

  Hi there readers, I hope you are enjoying the weekend! So yesterday was my first ice skating lesson and it went very well. After everyone arrived and got booted up our instructor lead us out to the ice and to start with had us sit right down and then stand up again so that she could teach us the proper way to do so should we fall over. Next we had to march up and down and turn around before skating up and down a bit, just to get comfortable with being on the ice and in our skates. Out next task was to skate along then squat right down and stand up again without stopping, which was actually not as hard as I thought it would be, balance wise. Oh, and a class that was the next stage up from us was also having a lesson at the same time, plus some clearly advanced skaters had the other side of the rink. Anyway, after they had ascertained that we were all pretty comfortable with skating forwards we had to do what they called ‘lemons’ which was to skate forward and bending our knees make lemon shapes with our feet! This was a little tricky as you have to concentrate much more on your balance as well as the technique.

  Next up was skating backwards! I was looking forward to this part, but it was very hard. I could sort of move backwards but it was more of an awkward shuffle than a graceful glide! Then Katie (the instructor) had us do backward lemons which were even more difficult. At this point our half an hour was up (how the time flew!) and it was announced that we were at a Grade 1 level! Katie told us to feel free to do some skating now so we all spent half an hour or so whizzing round, trying not to be intimidated by the girl practicing spins. Overall it was a great start to the course and I can’t wait until next Friday!

  Ok so now moving on to the list. I have decided that number 2 on my list of 21 things is to learn how to cook properly! This stems from the fact that although I can do simple stuff like pasta and jacket potatoes, I am not a good cook and feel that I should learn. Why now you ask? Well, hopefully after I’ve finished Uni (in about a year and a half) I’ll be jetting off to Florida to do the Disney Cultural Representative Program! This is something I’ve wanted to do since I found out that it existed but not been able to do because of educational commitments. Anyway, while on the program I’ll be living away from home for the first time and so will need to do my own cooking. Even if I don’t get on the program, its an important life skill so it’ll be a win-win situation. My idea is to once a week cook the main meal of the day for my family and they have nervously agreed. So once a week I’ll be posting my meals with pictures and the recipe. Wish me luck and I’ll see you next time!


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