Number One: Learn to Ice Skate

  I have decided that number one on my list of things to do in my year of being 21 is to learn to ice skate. I have loved skating ever since I got my first pair of roller-skates when I was a little girl; they were a bit like those things that the people in Clarks use to measure children’s feet, but with wheels. I then moved on to ‘big girl’ skates which were bright pink with chunky wheels, after that it was roller blades. The house we were living in at that point was in a car park that also belonged to a block of flats that backed onto it (weird I know) and I spent many a day whizzing around. The nearest ice rink is a train ride away so it wasn’t until I was ten or so that I had my first taste of the ice.

  Funnily enough, I believe that the first time I ice skated was on a family holiday to the Isle of Wight. In the seaside town of Ryde there is a rink, which is an excellent place to go on a rainy day and although I found skating with blades more challenging, I loved it. Unfortunately since then my time on the ice has been few and far between as I am pretty much the only one in my family and even group of friends who enjoys it. So why now you ask? Well, the other day the Disney film ‘Ice Princess’ was on television and I tuned in. ‘Ice Princess’ is the story of Casey, a physics whizz who chooses to do a project on the science behind the moves of figure skaters. After some time she decides that in order to properly understand this she must learn to do the moves herself and ends up loving it. However, as in any Disney film there is betrayal and disapproval from friends and family as well as a happy ending. It is meant for tweens but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Image  So last night I booked a 6 week course that takes place very Friday at a leisure centre which is very close to where I go to university and falls in a gap that I have between lectures and seminars. The first lesson is on January 10th so I will be updating that night to tell you how it goes! Have a great weekend, see you later!




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