Only the beginning of the adventure

Hello, my name is Nina and welcome to my blog! This February I am going to be 21 and inspired by wanderonwards and her list of ’23 things to do instead of getting married at 23′ I have set myself a challenge: to do 21 new things in my year of being 21. The things on the list will be both big and small, but all will be interesting in their own way. To me anyway. I decided to create this blog because I am so excited about this that I had to share it. As my 21 things probably won’t take up that much blogging time/space because I have a year to do them in, I will also be blogging about the exciting and maybe not-so-exciting events that take place in my life. I’ll give you fair warning: I am a big Disney fan, so if you don’t like Disney then this might not be the blog for you because I am borderline obsessed. Anyway I think that’s it for this post, I will be updating soon with the first item on my list! Exciting times! TTFN!


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